Demolition Dismantling

The materials used in factory construction would likely to be hardy materials such as

Brick or concrete, but that is just the structure itself.

Inside a factory, you may expect to find specialist equipment, tools and machines of which some maybe highly valued. All of these factors make the job of dismantling a factory a lucrative and worthy task if done properly.  Sometimes, however factories may already have been emptied beforehand.

A specialist concrete pulveriser would help to break down the concrete and brick, ready to be removed , reused and recycled.

The equipment that is used in this type of building would not be the commonplace items you would find or use within any residential premises.  For example huge conduits are responsible for air conditioning and the environmental needs of the staff and product, therefore, when considering factory dismantling, you must not only consider the waste disposal and the recycling of the building but also all of the rooms, machines materials used within the rooms and settings.

All hazards need to be identified that is why method statements and risk assessments are crucial to each job. Temporary props may be required to support any unstable structures

Certain items found within the factories  need to be valued and sent to specialist recycling services after dismantling, in order to reduce waste, and to make sure that legislation and rules are followed and obeyed.  Iron metal and copper metals can be very precious metals and can fetch a good price when removed properly and in a safe manner.  However, asbestos may be used in and with some products, so this requires special care to be taken to remove it, this requires a specialist asbestos removal firm with an asbestos licence.