Site Clearance Swansea

Preparation is key if you want to get the best results with anything you do. Here at L.G. Murphy, we’re experts at providing site clearance in Swansea. This service is perfect for anyone that needs to start carrying out work but is faced with an area – or site – that needs clearing beforehand.

The main aim of our service is simple; we want to clear your site to help prepare you for the tasks that lie ahead. Without our help, you’ll be unable to work to your full capacity, and won’t be able to satisfy your customers.


Our site clearance service is very popular amongst commercial clients in the construction industry. It’s common for construction companies to land a job where they have to build new houses or buildings on land that’s been unused for a while. As a result, there could be the remains of old buildings standing in your way or even general waste that people have dumped on the derelict site. Either way, we’re more than capable of handling this type of work and completely clearing the site for you.


There are many companies providing site clearance in Swansea that only help with commercial site clearance. However, we’re one of the few that actually handle domestic ones too. As well as this, we ensure that all of our site clearances are carried out as safely as possible. Not only that, but we try and remain as eco-friendly as we can too. This means we aim to recycle as much of the waste as possible that may be produced during a site clearance.

We set ourselves apart from the rest by providing the most complete site clearance in Swansea. What does this mean? It means we’re in a position to clear away as many different materials as possible. This guarantees that no matter where your site is, we can clear it fully.


Our company has worked in this industry for nearly 50 years. Throughout this time, we’ve become well versed in everything to do with site clearance in Swansea. We know all the best equipment and machinery to use, meaning we can get a more thorough job done. We can completely clear brickwork, wood, vegetation, soil, general waste, tarmac, and so much more from your site.


The whole process is incredibly efficient. We aim to be as fast as possible, without compromising the quality of service at all. At L.G. Murphy, we don’t leave unless you’re satisfied with the job at hand. We want to provide you with a completely clean slate to do with as you please.

Look no further than L.G. Murphy if you want site clearance in Swansea. We can help you prepare for an upcoming project or just completely clean and clear a site for you. Contact us today if you’re interested in this service. We’ll talk you through all the options, and provide you with a very competitive quote.