Site Clearance

L.G.Murphy are experts in our field of Demolition for over 50 years.

We have trained CDM co-ordinators available to help survey and organise the area for demolition and site clearance in the UK  so that health and safety is paramount.  The planning, management and communications are all governed by a high regard for safety that will result in the smooth running and operations of the task of site clearance.

In the event of landscape clearance, sometimes permission may be needed from local environmental schemes designed to limit the impact on the environment in line with law and regulations pertaining to the area and site you are clearing.

L.G.Murphy offer asbestos surveys that reduce the risk found with the demolishing and clearance of old buildings and premises. Once the area has been assessed for asbestos material, if any has been found this will be in a written report. We are able to arrange for safe removal of any material and safe handling. This is an excellent foundation and beginning to your site clearance project, as it cuts the advice you may have to search for and any of the endless calls you may need to make, the right people for the job will already be at your door ready to assist.

For over fifty years we have watched , monitored and played a big part in site clearance and have seen some of the many obstacles and issues that could arise if the planning and preparation was not present beforehand.  You can rely on a professional and helpful service.   Many companies have come to our door again and again, happy that they can trust our professional approach and high standards.