Demolition Services

L.G Murphy is one of the top demolition companies in Swansea. There are very few companies out there that can rival us at what we do. We’ve been doing this for over 45 years, giving us unparalleled experience within this industry.

When you do the same thing time and time again, for 45 years, you start feeling pretty confident that you’re good at it. This is how we feel at L.G Murphy, we’re confident that our service will provide you with everything you need from a demolition company.


Unlike some of the other demolition companies in Swansea, we are a family-run business. This means we have certain values that we always adhere to, and have stuck by for nearly half a century. Primarily, we’re committed to giving you the best service possible and helping you get the best value for money too.

We like to differentiate ourselves from other demolition companies in Swansea by offering a diverse service. We give you plenty of options and can cater to a wide range of different scenarios. Our company deals with both large and small-scale demolition work. This means we handle clients of different sizes, with different issues that need solving.


With our experience, coupled with our incredible equipment/machinery, we are able to handle  any project large or small. What’s more, we also work with both domestic and commercial clients that need whole buildings demolished. As well as this, our small-scale operations involve work such as clearing a construction site and fully excavating it for a client.


What makes our service unique is the variety of little things we do as part of the actual demolition. We’re able to use various machinery for crushing and screening, as well as being able to remove large amounts of rock or concrete from an area. Not only that but we even supply our own recycling aggregates as well.


Another huge benefit of our service is that we offer risk assessments beforehand. Our highly trained team will visit the site that needs demolishing, and carry out a risk assessment to the C.D.M requirements. This guarantees that all of our jobs are conducted as safely as possible, health and safety is of paramount importance to us.


All of this comes together to create the most well-rounded demolition service out there. There may be other demolition companies in Swansea, but none of them can compete with such an in-depth and reliable service.

Your search for demolition companies in Swansea is over as you have found the best one out there. If you’re interested in a high-quality demolition service, contact us today. We’re available via many different contact methods, including telephone, mobile, and email.


Get in touch, and a member of our experienced team will talk to you about our demolition service. They can explain everything in more detail, answer any queries, and provide you a quote on pricing too.