Recycling Swansea

L.G Murphy is more than just a demolition company. While demolition services may be what most people know us for, our talents go above and beyond that. We’re proud to be one of the few companies in this industry that places emphasis on recycling. In fact, we feel confident enough to claim we’re one of the top providers of recycling in Swansea.

Everyone knows that recycling is essential if we want to help the environment and prolong the lifespan of planet Earth. The whole concept behind it is simple, we try and re-use old things instead of creating lots of waste that gets put in a landfill.


We’ve handled many clients that fall into the same tough situation. They work on a construction site or an excavation site, and they create a lot of waste. Alternatively, they have a site or building that needs demolishing, and they’re worried about creating too much waste and causing lots of pollution.


This is where we come in, and provide recycling in Swansea for any clients that need it. Every time we carry out a demolition for a client, we recycle 85% of the mess we create. It’s our mission to try and recycle as much as we possibly can, to create a more environmentally service. The 15% of waste we don’t recycle tends to be impossible to recycle in the first place. Essentially, we do as much as we can.

Through carrying out our work, we tend to end up with two main waste products; wood and brickwork. These are two things that are very easy for us to recycle and ensure they don’t get thrown in a landfill and burnt to a crisp.


What makes us different from other companies that offer recycling in Swansea is that we really try and find good uses for our recycled waste. Any clean timber we find after a demolition or site clearance will immediately be reclaimed and used again. Why waste something that’s perfectly clean and capable of being used for another job? If we find any other clean wood, then we put it through a woodchipper so it can be used to make chipboard and other recycled wood products.


Brickwork is slightly harder to recycle, but we have the means to do it ourselves and ensure it doesn’t go to waste. With our range of crushing machinery, we can break down any bricks and completely crush them into tiny little stones. These crushed up rocks and bricks are then distributed throughout the construction industry and used as aggregate.


Unlike some other companies that conduct recycling in Swansea, we try and give back to local industries through our work. Our recycled wood and timber can be reused across different industries while our recycled aggregate can be used by construction companies in the area.

If you’re keen to learn more about recycling in Swansea and how our company can help you, please contact us today. We’ll talk you through all the details and show you how you can benefit from this service too.