Plant Hire Swansea

If you’re looking for plant hire in Swansea, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at L.G Murphy, we offer an extensive service that’s second to none. All of your plant hire needs are catered to here, and we can assure you that you’ll be more than pleased with the service.

Due to our excellent facilities, we’re able to house a variety of equipment and machinery for our customers to hire. This is what makes us one of the leading suppliers of plant hire in Swansea. We have everything you could possibly need, with machines ranging in sizes too.

Unlike a lot of other companies, we can provide massive excavators that are 7 to 50 tons in weight. This is a must-have piece of machinery for anyone working in an industry that requires the removal of a lot of site waste and rubble.

Then, we have smaller vehicles such as dozers and dump trucks. Again, these are perfect for companies operating on large sites, but they’re also great for smaller jobs too. With a dump truck, you have an easy way to transport debris around a site or to a waste disposal location. Dozers are the best machine when it comes to clearing space on the ground and moving things into piles that are far easier for you to manage.

Our plant hire service does not end there, as we still have plenty more to offer our customers. This includes crusher buckets and tracked crushers. Crusher buckets are highly popular as they allow you to do two things at the same time. You can pick items up in the buckets, but they’re designed in a way that lets you crush the items while they’re being held. A fantastic choice for any construction workers that do not have a lot of space on their site, but need something to do some crushing work. For more large-scale crushing operations, we have a range of great tracked crushers available too. They can handle heavy loads and are extremely efficient with their crushing capabilities.

If you work with a lot of concrete and need to destroy it or break it down, then we have concrete pulverisers too. These are specifically designed to work with concrete, meaning you get a quicker and more effective end product.

You may think this is where our plant hire service ends, but you’d be wrong. We still have plenty of other machinery and equipment up for hire. We rent out selector grabs, grapples, riddle buckets, shears, and a lot more. If you need something that you have not seen mentioned here, it’s always worth getting in touch to see if we do indeed rent what you need.

You’ll be hard pressed to find better plant hire in Swansea compared to our offerings. We simply have one of the biggest range of choices available to you. If any of this interests you and you’re keen to enjoy an amazing plant hire service, get in touch with us today.

You can call us on either our landline or mobile numbers, or email if you have any queries. Make sure you act fast, as our plant hire is very popular and the best machines may be hired out when you need them!