Plant Hire

lf you require plant hire for your companies construction or Demolition projects, for personal renovation projects, or you require sub-contractors to complete a contacted work assignment,

We are the company that can provide all you need to get the job done. Our plant hire facilities are of an excellent quality and we have built up an excellent reputation of being reliable, conscientious and flexible to fit your specific needs.

An example of how our company L.G.Murphy (Swansea) can provide exactly what you need to complete the task is our selection of plant hire machinery available.

We have excavators that are varied in size and therefore can be used for smaller jobs as well as large excavators being used for huge site construction. Our hire excavators range from seven to fifty tonnes. Along with the excavators, our plant includes dump trucks that make it possible for you to transport your debris and waste to a more appropriate place, whether it is to be used as aggregate or removed to a waste facility.

If you require any information on plant hire then please feel free to contact the company of L.G. Murphy (Swansea) Limited Complete Demolition Services directly.